The Theory Test FAQ

How much does the theory test cost?

Book online = £23

When can I sit the theory test?

You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. Once you have your provisional licence, you can book your theory test for or after your 17th birthday.

I already hold a full motorcycle licence. Do I need to pass a theory test?

If you obtained a full motorcycle licence before 1 February 2001, you are exempt from passing your car theory test (but not practical test). If you passed your motorcycle test after 1 February 2001, you will need to pass a car theory test before taking a practical test.

What is the theory test?

The theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and lasts for up to 57 minutes depending on how quick you answer the questions. You are allowed a 3 minute break before the hazard perception test starts.

What is the pass mark for the theory test?

The pass mark is a minimum of 43 correct answers out of the 50 questions.

What is the hazard perception test?

The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips, but 1 random video clip will contain 2 hazards totalling 15 hazards. When you identify an evolving hazard, you click the mouse or touch the screen to acknowledge it. You are scored from 5-1 on each hazard depending on when you click, so it's important to watch very carefully and click at the right time to get the highest score. However, if you click rythamically, you'll get no points for that video clip as the software will think you're trying to cheat!

What is the pass mark for the hazard perception test?

The pass mark is a minimum of 44 points out of a possible 75.

Is the theory and hazard perception test difficult?

Providing you have the correct books such as; The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs, Driving The Essentials Skills and the right software and/or apps. With some studying and practice you'll be ready in no time.

Do I get a theory test certificate when I pass?

You get your results at the test centre after you complete the test. The results are given in the form of a letter, not as a certificate. Although, it is commonly referred to as a theory test pass certificate.

How long does the theory test certificate last?

When you pass, you have 2 years in which to pass the practical driving test. If you do not pass in this 2 year period, you'll have to start again by re-sitting the theory test.

Contact numbers for DVLA & DVSA

DVLA: 0300 790 6801
Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm
Saturday, 8am to 2pm

DVSA: 0300 200 1122
Monday to Friday, 8am to midday

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