Alloy Wheel Protection

Updated: 07/02/2019

As a driving school or driving instructor it is vitally important that you get the best alloy wheel protection at an affordable price. Other than yourself, your driving school car is your main asset and without it, there is no income.

DoDrive® Driving School asked our network of driving instructors which alloy wheel protection they use, why they choose to use them, what car they use them on, and how much they paid to have them supplied and fitted. From this data we created our list of recommended alloy wheel protection supplier and fitters.

If you have anything to add, then please contact us telling us which alloy wheel protection you use, why you choose it, what car you use it on, and how much you paid for it.

Protect your alloys from kerb damage with a set of alloy rim protectors!


Rim Ringz™



It should be noted that although we recommend getting Alloygators fitted professionally, they're not really that hard to fit yourself. Below is an easy to follow video installation guide for Alloygator™.

Easy to follow video installation guide for Rim Ringz™

Easy to follow video installation guide for Rimblades®

Easy to follow video installation guide for WheelWrapz™