Brand Policy


Updated: 10/12/2018

Welcome to the Trademark and Brand Policy of DoDrive® Driving School. This Policy describes the conditions under which you may use our trademarks and brands.

We have all rights to change, alter or modify our brand policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted immediately on this page, so that you can get acquainted with them.

Why is this Policy necessary?

We want to ensure that our customers, instructors and trainers have a consistent and high-quality experience with the DoDrive® brand. Having a definitive brand policy also helps everyone to avoid scammers that might use our name to steal, mislead, or misrepresent.

Fundamentally, trademarks are meant to eliminate confusion; a protection that is in everyone’s interest. For example; if somebody created a driving school and called it DoDrive Driving Academy, many of our potential customers, instructors and trainers could get confused and think it's DoDrive® Driving School. We would enforce our trademark forcefully in this instance!

On the other hand, suppose someone posts a review or article online and wanted the tagline to be "I passed with DoDrive". We of course want to encourage this type of use. In this case, we would be highly likely to allow our trademark to be used.

If you would like to use our trademarks (explained below) in a manner that is not expressly permitted by this Policy, please contact us. We all share the same end goal: making DoDrive® a recognised driving school brand, and we want this brand policy to further our shared work, not impede it.

Intent of the Trademark and Brand Policy

We value the trust that our customers, instructors and trainers place in our services. We protect our trademark rights to ensure that the DoDrive® brand name stands for both quality and integrity, both today and in the future.

Note that our brand policy does not categorically forbid anyone from using our trademarks. In fact, we encourage the use of our trademarks, so long as it's done in an acceptable and consistent manner.

Generally speaking, you may use our trademarks so long as you don’t:

  • Confuse potential customers, instructors and trainers
  • Make false or misleading statements
  • Imply or state that the use is affiliated with us or authorized by us without written permission
  • Imply an endorsement or sponsorship with us without written permission
  • Damage or diminish the reputation and goodwill of DoDrive® Driving School and our trademarks

What are our trademarks?

Our trademarks are any and all marks, symbols, and trademarks owned or used by DoDrive® Driving School, including but not limited to:

  • our "DoDrive®" word trademark and;
  • our "Do Drive®" word mark and;
  • our "DoDrive®" design marks:

For context, the term "trademark" includes any word, name, symbol, or device (or any combination of those) that is used by a person or entity to:

  • Identify and distinguish their goods and services from those offered by others, and/or
  • Indicate the source or origin of those goods and services

Permissions to use our trademarks

1. Certain Personal, Non-Commercial Uses

You may use our trademarks to express your affinity for our products and services in a truthful, personal, and non-commercial manner – for example on t-shirts, stickers, and other things that you share with your friends.

Whenever you make use of our trademarks this way, please feel free to send us a sample – we’d love to see what you’re doing! If you want to make a commercial use of these kinds of items though (for example, selling stickers or apparel bearing our trademarks), you must obtain our written permission first.

2. Trade Names, Trademarks, Domain Names, and Internet Account Names

You may not use our trademarks in, or as a part of, any trade name, trademark, domain name, internet account name, or social media name without prior written consent from DoDrive® Driving School.

For example; the business name or trademark "DoDrive Driving Academy" or the Twitter handle "@DoDriveAcademy" are not permitted, because potential customers, instructors and trainers who see those uses are likely to assume that they are official DoDrive® Driving School services or accounts. By the same token, the domain name "" or the Facebook group "DoDriveAcademy" would also be likely to cause confusion.

If you’d like to use our trademarks in, or as a part of, any trade name, trademark, domain name, or internet account name, please contact us to discuss your planned use.

3. Services Related to DoDrive® Driving School

If you offer driving lessons or driving instructor training to our customers, and you are one of our instructors or trainers – you may use our trademarks for advertising and marketing to truthfully describe your offering in your descriptions. However, this is conditional on that you do not purposefully, accidentally, negligently, or inadvertently mislead or confuse customers.

If you provide goods and/or services in connection with the driver training industry, you must not use our trademarks (for example; selling driving lessons or driving instructor training), without our written permission first.

4. Permission for Other Uses

If you’d like to use our trademarks in a way that’s not covered by this Policy, or if you have any questions regarding this Policy, feel free to contact us

Use of our trademarks

The following general requirements apply to all uses of our trademarks for which you have received permission, either through this Policy or through a license from DoDrive® Driving School.

Use the Precise Mark. Our trademarks should be used in their exact, most up-to-date form. They should neither be abbreviated nor combined with other words.

  • Acceptable: DoDrive®
  • Acceptable: DoDrive® Driving School
  • Unacceptable: DoDrive
  • Unacceptable: DoDrive Driving School

Use it as a Trademark. Trademarks, including our trademarks, are adjectives, and when used should always be followed by the generic term they modify, such as "Driving School", "Driving Courses" or "Services". Never use a trademark as a noun, verb, or other part of speech.

  • Acceptable: I provide DoDrive® Driving Courses
  • Unacceptable: I use DoDrive® to get pupils

Designate it as a Mark. The first or most prominent mention of a registered trademark should be accompanied by a ® symbol, to indicate that it is a registered trademark.

Attribute the Mark. The following notice text should appear somewhere nearby your first or most prominent mention of our trademark. If that’s not practical, you may include it on the credits page instead:

"DoDrive®" is a trademark of DoDrive® Driving School. All rights reserved.

Logo and Design Mark Use

You must use our graphic trademarks (including logos and design marks) in the form in which it is made available by us. To avoid confusion, you may not alter the color, font, proportions, or any other aspect of our logos and design marks.

You must also set a logo or design mark off from the other content appearing in your use, and must not place it in such close proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable from that other content.

Except in connection with the personal, non-commercial uses permitted by this Policy, you may not make our logo or design mark the most prominent feature of your use.

Reporting Trademark Abuse

Please report any misuse of our trademarks, and provide us with as much information as you can about the use you think may be infringing. We’ll investigate the use, and take appropriate action, if warranted.


Lastly, we have some necessary legalese. Please note that, no matter how authorized, any goodwill generated by the use of our trademarks shall inure solely to the benefit of DoDrive® Driving School. This Policy supplements and is in addition to the terms of any other permission we may have granted you regarding use of our trademarks and brands.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!