DVSA Driving Test Examiners Using iPads

Last updated: 07/10/2018

Which model of iPad are driving examiners going to use?

The model of iPad which is going to be used by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving examiners on the practical driving test has not been yet been agree upon. However, we think it's fair to say that the iPad screen would have to be 10.5" plus for it to be anywhere near useable for marking a test sheet. We think the 12.9" version of the iPad would be best suited for the task, being that it's closer to the size of the current paper version of the DL25 driving test report.

Isn't it illegal to use a handheld electronic device?

Driving test examiners using an iPad on the practical driving test is not illegal. The practical driving test is the only time the pupil is allowed by law to drive 'unsupervised' and, the driving examiners on the practical driving test are legally classified as 'observers'.

Can ADIs use an iPad for mock driving tests?

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) using iPads for mock tests etc will be breaking the law and can be prosecuted for doing so. ADIs can only use an iPad or similar device on driving lessons whilst parked up safely with the engine swiched off, for example; to give a briefing, reference a digital book or watch a demonstration video.

When will driving examiners start using iPads on tests?

There has not been an agreed date for driving examiners to start using an iPad on the practical driving test as yet, but it's believed that this will happen sometime in 2019.

How will the pupil be given the driving test result?

The pupil will receive an email copy of the DL25 driving test report or can request a paper copy through the post. The paper copy will only be on sent to the address on the candidates licence. The email report will be sent to the email address used when making the practical driving test booking, but the candidate can provide a different one.

To ensure that ADIs know the result of the practical driving test, we recommend that all ADIs should; book the practical driving test for the pupil using their own personal or business email, sit in on the practical driving test or make sure that they're at the car for the debrief at the end of the practical driving test.

Will paper pass certificates still be issued?

As far as we're aware, the driving examiner will still issue a paper DVSA 10 driving test pass certificate as they currently do. The paper DVSA 10 pass certificate has security features that enable it to be used as legal proof of entitlement until the pupils full driving licence arrives in the post, so it's likely that the driving test pass certificate will remain as a physical paper document.

Will the iPad be distracting during my test?

Examiners will use a privacy screen to reduce visual distractions and the iPad will also be locked down on all other functionality so that the app is not communicating during the test. There will be no visual or audio notifications.