DVSA planned changes to ORDIT 2019

Updated: 06/06/2019

Why is ORDIT changing?

ORDIT is changing to bring it in align with the national standard for driver and rider training and the new ADI part 3 test introduced on the 23rd December 2017.

The new ORDIT test is more realistic, allows for more comprehensive coverage of subjects and skills, encourages better communications skills and client centered learning (CCL).

When is ORDIT changing?

ORDIT will be changing as of 1st April 2019 (01/04/19). 🤔 No this is not an April fools joke! 👍

What are the main changes to ORDIT?

  • Trainers 'must' be a grade A in order to apply or remain on ORDIT
  • Trainers will not be required to sit a standards check test every 4 years
  • Trainers will be required to sit an ORDIT inspection every 4 years instead of every 2 years
  • The current ORDIT inspection tutor assessment report form will be replaced
  • There will no longer be 60/40 split in the establishment. All trainers ‘must’ pass an ORDIT inspection
  • The ORDIT inspection fee’s are going to be simplified to just two, rather than the current confusing fee structure
  • The ORDIT inspection will be more focused on instructional ability and less about theory and driving
  • Must provide training for qualified ADI's including Standards Check Test Training and ADI Remedial Work
  • Those on ORDIT will be expected to accompany Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) on the majority of tests
  • Individual trainers will be accountable for the quality of Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) presented on tests

What if I'm a grade B or get a grade B?

Grade A will be required to register for or remain on ORDIT. If a trainer gets a grade B on inspection, they’ll be given a second attempt. If the trainer doesn’t get a grade A on the second attempt they’ll be removed from the ORDIT register. The third attempt will be a standards check test to remain on the ADI register!

ADI’s that are currently a grade B but are already on the ORDIT register, will remain on the ORDIT register until their next standards check test or ORDIT assessment whichever is the soonest. To remain on the ORDIT register they’ll be required to get a grade A on either test.

What if I'm already on the ORDIT register?

If you're already on the ORDIT register, a letter will be sent inviting you to book an ORDIT inspection. There's going to be a new booking system allowing ORDIT trainers to book a suitable time and date to reduce cancellations and rescheduling. Much like all other tests, there’ll be a 3 day cancellation period or you’ll lose your fee.

UPDATE: 06/06/2019. The new booking system is still not up and running. Your ADI Enforcement Manager will call you to arrange a suitable time and date for your ORDIT assessment!

Will there still be an ORDIT premises inspection?

Larger organisations with 5 or more trainers will require a premises inspection, but small organisations or individual trainers will not need an ORDIT premises inspection. E.g. ORDIT will not be interested in what's in the boot of your car anymore.

Will there still be three tests?

No, but you'll still have to provide quality driving instructor training for all three parts of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) examination process. The new ORDIT asessment is about your ability to train others in instructional techniques for the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 3 and Standards Check Test.

How many attempts do you get at the ORDIT assessment?

You get two attempts at passing the ORDIT assessment with a grade A. If you fail the ORDIT assessment twice, you'll be given an ADI Standards Check in order to remain on the register. You'll only need to get a grade B to remain on the ADI register.

I failed ORDIT once, but then got a grade A on my ADI SC. What now?

Because ORDIT is attached to your ADI registration. If you get an ADI Standards Check after failing your ORDIT assessment on your first attempt, it'll reset the 4 year registration period. As a result, it'll also reset ORDIT, and your next assessment will be the first try again!

I failed ORDIT twice, but then got a grade A on my ADI SC. Can I apply?

You'll have to wait for a minimum of 12 month from when you passed your ADI Standards Check before you can reapply for ORDIT.

I passed my ADI Part 3 with a grade A. Can I apply for ORDIT?

No. You'll need to pass an ADI Standards Check with a grade A before you can apply for an ORDIT assessment.

Will the ORDIT training records be changing?

Larger organisations must provide some kind of quality control on training and record keeping by their trainers. Individual trainers are of course solely responsible for themselves!

Training records should be signed off by both trainer and trainee.

Quality of training records will checked for ORDIT training, but this is not the case with the standards check.

The examiner would like to see Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) presenting a workbook and not an ADI-21T which is what they’ve seen a lot of Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) doing. The ADI-21T is ‘not’ a workbook as you know, it’s a record of training for a trainee licence (Pink Badge). Workbook being a signed off record of training by both Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) and trainer, not the ADI-21T. This can be in any form paper or digital.

Your Personal Reference Number (PRN) should be made available to the trainee for part 3 tests. This can be written on their workbook for example. Although it should be noted that ORDIT is not mandatory, so providing your Personal Reference Number (PRN) is not mandatory for a trainee to sit a part 3 test.

If the trainer is not happy with the Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) booking an ADI part 3 test and using their Personal Reference Number (PRN), they should make a note on the training records both Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) and trainers. This is so that if the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) get complaints via Management Information (MI). You can present this to support your case that you wasn’t happy, and that the trainee went ahead and done it without your consent.

Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) should attend for qualifying examinations with trainers details, workbook and the pupils driver record.

Will trainers still be required to role-play?

Trainers will have two options. They can either role-play a pupil, or sit in the back and give feedback on a training session where the PDI or ADI use a real pupil.

What if I don't have a trainee?

Trainers can use either a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) who is training to become a driving instructor, or an ADI who's preparing for a standards check test (ADI remedial training).

How will the register deal with reports of poor training?

If the register receive several complaints about poor training, they will request a re-inspection at short notice. If you refuse a re-inspection you'll be removed from the ORDIT register.

Can you be ORDIT registered with more than one establishment?

Once you pass the ORDIT asessment, you'll be able to register as an ORDIT trainer. ORDIT registration can be with more than one establishment. Initial registration is £120 for the first establishment, and then £18 per additional establishment.

What are the new ORDIT registration fee's?

The new ORDIT registration fee's are:

  • Qualifying assessment £151.20
  • Registration with a training establishment £120
  • Registration for each extra training establishment £18
  • ORDIT trainer reassessment £151.20
  • Replacement ORDIT certificate £3

Is ORDIT going to become mandatory?

Due to legislation, ORDIT will not be mandatory anytime soon. The soonest this 'may' happen would be 2020 after Brexit.

What if I want to leave ORDIT?

You can leave ORDIT at anytime and still be an ADI for the remainder of your 4 year registration. Once you're not on ORDIT, you'll get a normal ADI standards check test. To remove yourself from ORDIT, just send your ORDIT certificate(s) with a covering letter to the ORDIT team. See address below.

If in the future you want to get back on ORDIT, you'll need to; be a grade A, apply as a new trainer, sit and pass an ORDIT assessment.

What if I leave an ORDIT training establishment?

Write to DVSA within 10 working days if you stop working for a training establishment. Include your ORDIT certificate for that training establishment with the letter.

Is the register name changing?

Although various names for the register have been put forward. Driving instructor trainers attended an ORDIT workshop at the DVSA Training Academy on the 21st and 22nd March 2018 and voted (71%) against a change of name. As a result, it is unlikely that the name of the register will change.

List of suggestions:

  • Professional Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (PRoDIT)
  • Register of Professional Driving Instructor Trainers (RoPDIT)
  • Approved Register of Professional Driving Instructor Trainers (ARPDIT)
  • DVSA Approved Register of Professional Driving Instructor Trainers (DARPDIT)
  • DVSA Register of Instructor Trainers (DRIT)



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